About kendr

Employees win.

A business’s greatest resource are it’s employees. kendr allows them a direct, instant connection to report ideas, questions or issues to their ownership or upper management.

Employees can download a free app that allows direct access to HR or management so they can safely (anonymously if desired) report any issues at work. Questions get answered, harassment gets reported, and morale increases when employees feel heard.

Employers win.

kendr was imagined by co-founder Beth Schroeder, an employment defense lawyer, who has spent 30 years trying to find ways to help her clients avoid expensive litigation.

After listening to employees testify they didn’t know how to reach HR, were afraid to report, lost their handbooks, or forgot the hotline number, she was determined to find a way that employees could always safely contact HR without fear of reprisal... and put an end to these lawsuits. If employees and employers can work out issues within the workplace, they may not need to involve lawyers or agencies.

Companies who have better internal communication also have less turnover and better overall productivity.