Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reply to my employees who submit anonymous messages?

Yes! Even if your employee chooses to be anonymous you can reply to gather further information to help.

2. What if my employees don’t speak English?

kendr will translate messages to and from Spanish, Chinese and Korean with many more to come.

3. How do my employees use kendr?

Employees download the free app from App Store or Google Play and sign up with your unique employer code.

4. Can employees attach photos or videos?

Yes. kendr supports attachments to better relay the message they want to report.

5. What happens after I receive a message?

With our admin dashboard you can reply to employee, add custom tags to messages and manage issues.

6. How do my employees know their message was received?

kendr offers auto replies so employees know that someone is listening. You can use default best practice messages or write ones for your company.